Fayette Water Company is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Fayette Water Company was established August, 1988 in Brownstown, Illinois, and incorporated in 1991. FWC is not a government entity, and does not build water lines relative to government boundaries such as township or county boundaries. FWC expands its system to serve areas of interest and need.

The Board of Directors members.
  • Dennis L. Vaughn, President (West Township)
  • Matt Howard, Secretary (Otego Township)
  • David Harrison, (Shafter Township)
  • Terry Robbins (Vandalia Township)
  • Dennis Stacey(Wilberton Township)
  • Andy Zeaman, Treasurer (Herrick Township, Shelby County)
  • Jason Trexler (Shafter Township)
  • Kenny Barr (Herrick Township, Shelby County)
  • Eric Tucker (Dry Point Township)
  • Rick Myers, FWC Attorney, Vandalia, Illinois

FWC's Monthly Rates Minimum Rate
  • $32.94 per meter including the first 1000 gal. water
  • $7.36 for each additional 1000 gal. water

  • The FWC Board sets these rates as our actual costs are determined by an annual audit. Remember, we are a not-for-profit company, BUT we do need to cover costs and fund certain IEPA and RD requirements.

    A typical FWC bill
  • FWC has found that currently the average usage is approximately 3,910 gal. per month.
  • The monthly water bill is 32.94 for the first 1000 gallons + 7.36 for the additional 2910 or $54.28.
  • Do the math $32.94 + $21.34 =  $54.28

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my well be condemned?
    From Fayette Water's point of view, NO!! Whether or not your present source of drinking water is safe for consumption is not a responsibility of Fayette Water Company. While we certainly don't want anyone using unsafe water in their homes, we do not test private water supplies or push to have that testing done.

    Can I continue to use my present water supply?
    Your present water supply can continue to be used. Many FWC customers have chosen to do this. You may wish to use rural system water in your home for baths, cooking, laundry, and use your private water supply for outdoor uses, such as irrigating landscaping and gardens or for livestock.

    Be Careful of a Cross-Connection for Two Reasons.
  • A cross-connection between your private water source and Fayette Water Company falls under regulation by the Illinois EPA. The connection needs to be installed properly and annually reviewed.
  • A cross-connection could prove very costly to you. A leaking freeze-proof hydrant or bad foot valve in your well could run thousands of gallons through your meter.